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Asthma is a condition that affects the airways or breathing tubes in the lungs. These airways carry air to the lungs. Airways get smaller and smaller like branches of a tree.


In a healthy lung or when asthma is under control, the airways are clear and air flows easily in and out of the lungs. The most common signs and symptoms that someone has asthma are wheezing, a cough that seems to never go away, or tightness of the chest, especially at nighttime. Coughing and trouble breathing at night cause problems with sleeping.


Asthma may develop at any age and since asthma runs in families, more than one person in the same family may have it. Asthma may attack quickly when patients are exposed to triggers such as fumes/ cigarette smoke/ when exposed to things that they are allergic to or when they have colds or other infections. Some attacks may happen without much warning at all. Attacks may be mild or very serious and patients may die from a bad asthma attack.

If treated well, most patients are free from any symptoms and use a regular inhaler to prevent asthma attacks. Dr Medveczky has many years of experience and a special interest in treating patients with asthma and is one of the experts at the severe asthma center at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. For further advice and guidance please book an appointment.

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